A Decade Mature Dry Essence of Garlic

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Gastronomy requires consort with the spirit and constitution of nature's fineries, and thus I offer the following. A decade Mature Dry Essence of garlic, created from an Occult Alchemical formula dating back to the Middle Ages. This Dry essence of garlic is certainly no ordinary garlic powder, as it must pilgrimage a long and labour intensive process, as well age at least 4 years before reaching the flavour characteristics required this meticulous formula. Like that of fine wine, if stored properly its bold and rich flavour profiles shall improve in such a manner liking to that of few spices and essential oils, such as Oud, Patchouli, Musk and the like...If you enjoy this, your palate shall meet our matured garlic essence with awe-inspiring delight. Spices such as these have been found in catacombs and tombs of mummies of ancient pharaohs, and this secretive knowledge preserved by the Moors.