Attar of Vanilla and Matured Mysore Sandalwood, Oud and many enchanting florals form Sexuality in a breath, 3ml Alloy decanter, Alcohol free

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Vanilla’s fragrant beans impart those addictive notes which summons hunger deep in the belly of those who so recklessly inhale her elegant perfume. Sensual is every component of the orchid which yields the bean, the orchid herself strongly resembling the anatomy of the feminine in her most pure form, and thus all efforts have been made to capture what so humbly I as a man have been allowed the privilege to bear. The best blends of vanilla world abound, with fragrant yield sharing rich wine notes of fruit and plum, to long lingering tobacco, soft earth and lustful sweetness, prepared to bring to further surface richness when blended with a select variety of aromatic woods, gentle florals, and spice into a matured Mysore Sandalwood base. Sexuality in a breath.

Humble yourself to the beauty and grandeur of the Orient.
I am that I am, I am Exquisite World Merchant.

3ml in the decorative attar dan pictured, and or another decor bottle of my selection, unless through discourse you request photographs of decanters available.