Back-Flow Sandalwood Incense Cones of the New Mountain, Artisanal crafted of Superior Quality with an Aroma of Butter Cookies 檀香木;檀香油

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These matured Sweet Sandalwood Back-Flow incense cones have been specially made from the sandalwood species known as Santalum spicatum. The Manchurian’s value and classify this incense type as having come from what is termed in incense culture as New Mountain. Every aspect of the creation, and blending of these cones we have overseen, unto the now further curing and acclimation, the practice kept and ritually implemented, as has been utilised in the incense occult craft since time archaic. Except for powerful machined grinding and shaping instruments, the most substantial portion of this process has been by hand. These incense cones are like no other, and indeed can't be mistaken for those mass produced.

The raw material used to fashion these back-flow incense cones hail from the New Mountain and are expertly crafted to be of Superior and Exceptional Quality, of minimal binding agents and through trade secret have been imparted with an admixture of ambergris. They burn very smokey but have not the aroma of burnt or charred wood, but soft caramel cookies, buttery intense from baking. With a fragrance that clings and scents the environment long after.

These incense cones are for exalted meditative healing, yoga, transcendentalism, ancient acupuncture and its practitioner's craft, and in no way, the mass-produced forgery sold in so many online storefronts, and so oft-mocked and scorned as smelling of burnt wood in feedback, commodity comments, and reviews. Herewith, I the Moor offer grand quality under the principles of Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom and eternally, Justice. Please find pleasure in what I am so willing to share. May peace and prosperity dwell rife within thy gates.

Scientific Name(s): Santalum spicatum

Common Name(s): New Mountain Sandalwood/檀香木;檀香油
You shall receive (16) matured back-flow incense cones of superior exceptional medicinal quality.
Average clean and sweet smoking time: 10 minutes, although please be very cautious that scorching hot ember persists beneath cone-shaped white ash well beyond times of 15 and sometimes 18 minutes, or better. 
The ash of this incense cone burns completely, as well as clean and white, and leaves the heavy residue of rich oil of this fragrant medicinal jewel.