Huge Cuff Bangle fashioned of African Blackwood the ancient Ebony of commerce, Solid, Gaudy, and displaying a sophisticated yet elegant heft

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Fashioned of a true Rosewood species Dalbergia Melanoxylon, Mpingo African Blackwood the ancient ebony of commerce, I offer a dense treasure worth its weight in Doblón, and certainly an admirable corporal heirloom. This African Blackwood/Ebony/Rosewood cuff bangle is solid, gaudy, yet timeless, and displaying a sophisticated elegance, though one of superior craft and heft.

True Rosewood Dalbergia Melanoxylon, Mpingo

Overall diameter of bangle 
89.53 mm

Bangle inner diameter
69.74 mm

Bangle width 
48.36 mm

Bangle thickness
10.00 mm

Bangle weight
151 grams