Nephrite Jade Green A grade natural without treatment, Cat's Eye Cabochons, beautiful. Very wet and jelly surface lot total 139 Carats craft

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Absolutley hypnotic, and having a wicked glow. Cats eye jade cabochon, 100% A grade untreated Nephrite, deep rich green, and glowing most bewitching under soft light, and bright apple in direct sun. amazing stone, of rare and superior quality. If you have any interest please request a video of this stone. If you are not pleased with this treasure return it within 9 days and I shall refund completely all you have endeavored to pay, including shipping.

Lot total weight in carat 139

Greetings and Supreme Salutations,
With great honour, it is my privilege to present this captivating jewel, mined of precious Nephrite Jade of the Afghanistan Mountains. It is believed that jade offers protection and magnetism of wealth and longevity of healthy life. This alluring cats eye nephrite cabochon shall find its owner, both mesmerised and certainly more wealthy than they began before the acquisition thereof. Stones of this type are very difficult to cut and polish. May peace and prosperity dwell rife within thy gates. 

Emerald to Apple Green A grade Natural and without treatment, Oval Semi-Domed Cats Eye Cabochon eye clean, beautiful.