Scarce Icy Imperial Blue Green/Black Omphacite Jadeite Bangle, Natural A Grade,Untreated. Extremely Translucent, Certificate of Authenticity

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Precious and Certainly More Rare than Gold. Rare Icy Imperial Blue Green Omphacite Jadeite Bangle, Natural A Grade, Untreated. Extremely Translucent, Comes with Certificate of Authenticity 

In some natural light it almost appears black but can be seen straight through, this is a fantastic opportunity. 
This bangle contains entirely no cracks on the surface or internally. It has some internal impurities, if it were perfectly clean, it would surely command an astronomical price. This is a treasure. Untreated jadeite especially Omphacite of this quality in the form of a perfect bangle are almost impossible to find. No color enhancement in these photographs have been use, and thus this is the true color of this bangle, as well as the wooden display upon which it rest. Walk into natural sunlight and it becomes a rich blue, and less light it takes on the appearance of almost jet black. 

Note: This Bangle shall not be shipped without being fully insured at buyers cost.

Bangle thickness: 7.74 mm
Bangle inner Diameter: 56.47 mm